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Mobile World Live this week.

Sprint Nextel calls 50B connections by 2020 ‘conservative’ Ericsson’s high-profile industry forecast of 50 billion mobile connections by 2020 has created headlines in the last year, but operator Sprint Nextel believes this could be just the starting point. GSMA In a new feature video, Sprint Nextel’s Wayne Ward, VP of the US carrier’s Emerging Solutions business unit, comments: “You know you see statistics today of 50 billion, 100 billion, I’ve seen statistics that say a trillion. So I think it’s a matter of endless possibilities… if I had to guess I’d say 50 billion is conservative.”

WAC sees role beyond mobile Peters Suh, chief executive of the Wholesale Applications Community (WAC), told delegates during his Mobile World Congress keynote earlier this year that the alliance is eyeing growth beyond the mobile device market. “Right now we’re seeing the tip of the iceberg… it’s beyond mobile,” he said, adding that users will decide whether to use apps “on a mobile device, on a tablet, on a PC or on a 50-inch display… That’s what we need to address.” Advertorial: Mobily, Mobile World Live TV’s inaugural sponsor at this year’s Mobile World Congress Mobily is the fastest growing mobile communications and technology provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Learn more about their strategy for future growth here Relive Eric Schmidt’s Google keynote from Mobile World Congress 2011, now on YouTube.

In this keynote from the 2011 GSMA Mobile World Congress, Google’s Eric Schmidt outlines why he believes the rollout of LTE networks and new cloud-based services this year will mark the start of a new era for mobile innovation. Not surprisingly, he positions Google’s own Android OS as at the forefront of this change.

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