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Publicado por el 22 junio, 2011 en Noticias | 0 comentarios

Mobile World Live This Week

gsmaThis Week: Startup claims apps are the future for emergency alerts &Mobile Health Summit highlights

Mobile World Live this week…

Startup claims apps are the future for emergency alerts Sending emergency alerts for hurricanes, earthquakes and other disasters via text messaging has become an established practice in some countries, but Boston-based startup Elerts claims that such a strategy is not making the most of the rich functionality provided by today’s smartphones. In an exclusive interview with Mobile

World Live, the company’s founder Chris Russo claims that his app-based approach “is a positive re-enforcement of where we should be with communications.” Russo argues that government use of text messaging is “taking us back a few years considering all the technology that we have.” Elerts is providing beta-based versions of its mobile emergency alerts system for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry platforms.

Mobile Health Summit Highlights 2011

The inaugural GSMA-mHA Mobile Health Summit was held in Cape Town, South Africa, earlier this month. Mobile World Live was on location to capture a snapshot of event highlights.

NFC Webinar: Mobile technology as a new form of currency – Wednesday 13th July at 16.00 GMT

NFC services have launched commercially in several markets worldwide, with many more deployments planned for the coming months. Which market segments are best suited to the use of NFC technology, and what can be learnt from existing deployments? Which key performance indicators will be most important to operators and their partners?

How will this emerging technology and its related services impact traditional engagement channels? Bookmark 13 July in your calendar for the Mobile World Live NFC webinar, featuring speakers from the cutting edge of NFC innovation!

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